Ludovic Doutreleau Attorney-at-Law, Paris & Geneva

Corporate Law, Mergers and restructuring, Employment Law and international employment schemes, Cryptography Law, Maritime and Aviation.

Ludovic Doutreleau began his career as a white-collar crime lawyer prior to joining in 2000 the ex-French office of the New York Firm Cahill Gordon & Reindell where he became involved in various matters such as the recovery proceedings of World War II stolen assets, the restructuring of international corporations and the development of start-ups that pioneered the webeconomy.

In 2006, Ludovic Doutreleau founded Lyllner, a law firm providing an incubator environment to Paris-based start-ups and dedicated to the seed funding of early stage innovation in Biotech and MedTech.
In 2008, Lyllner expanded as a French and Swiss law firm and Ludovic Doutreleau began focusing on the aviation and maritime sectors while advising numerous operators and industries in those sectors. Ludovic Doutreleau currently advises US and UK corporations and groups in France and Switzerland for which he also frequently acts as an outside general counsel and as a fiduciary.

He provides advice with respect to company acquisitions and takeovers, business and subsidiaries installation, fundraising and private equity deals, management organization and group restructuring.
His technical and expert knowledge in the sector of aviation -he holds an aviation law diploma with the International Aviation Transport Association (IATA)-and the sector of maritime activities drive him to act as counsel for aviation or maritime operators for the acquisition of their aircraft or vessel.

Along with his profession as a lawyer, Ludovic Doutreleau is involved since 20 years in various benevolent activities for foundations related to childhood relief, to the promotion of live performance arts and to the protection of the oceans and biodiversity. Ludovic Doutreleau is also auditor of the national strategic maritime session of the National Institute for High Defence Studies (IHEDN).

    • – IHEDN -Auditor of the National Institute for High DefenceStudies National strategic maritime session
      – Longitude 181 -Member of the legal committee on biodiversity protection
      – Etés de la Danse -General Secretary of Etes de la Danse dance festival
      – Théodora -General Secretary of TheodoraFrance